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Have a fun time learning how to make fabulous cocktails – and try them out!

£35 Per Person


Here at your personal cocktail master class, you get to make your own!!

You will be shown by your very own mixologist how to make some of the most popular cocktails and shots. The best part is drinking them and tasting how everyone else got on with their own creation. Drinking games will happen!!

What to expect:

• Cocktail on arrival

• Learning the skilled art of 'free pouring'

• 90 minutes of cocktail-making antics with your own bartender

• Plenty of bar nibbles provided throughout your cocktail party

• Learning the art of making 3 cocktails and a shot

This activity is pretty much guaranteed to get you very tipsy, so we do recommended a good meal beforehand. This activity is not suitable for any members of your party who are pregnant.

Watchers are welcome to come along

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